The world is changing...

We are are evolving further into a technology-based lifestyle that is opening multiple avenues to embrace your inner entrepreneur.  The opportunities are becoming limitless.  The world is quickly becoming fully integrated through Internet and cell phones.  Through this change, businesses are now able to offer their services to people in need throughout the entire world.  Through these resources, counselors and other mental health professionals will begin to develop ways to reach (and help) populations that would have been impossible in the past.  Just think, how great will it be when you can provide counseling to someone in Asia with a click of the button!

MY Mission

Are you tired of feeling stuck in a 10 X 10 square everyday?  Sick of staring at the same four walls?  Feeling like there has to be a better way to earn more money and grow your business?  Why do you need to sit in an office when technology is giving us the opportunity to provide your services to anyone at any time?  Let's begin the entrepreneurial journey of thinking outside conventional wisdom to develop profitable, creative businesses!

Technology is scary!  Change is scary!  My mission is two-fold: 

  1. Challenge the status quo in the field of counseling by embracing entrepreneurial business strategies to help other counselors grow their business.  I want mental health professionals to make the money they deserve, which starts by creating a cultural change among mental health professionals.  We no longer need to settle or accept minimal pay for maximum service. 
  2. Embrace technology in the field of counseling by utilizing the resources currently available, and posting the results and reviews of these new endeavors.  I will be your "guinea pig"- learning everything I can about Internet Counseling, Telephonic Counseling, and all other forms of Remote Counseling.  I envision a time when you can be sitting on your couch, on the beach, or anywhere other than an office and provide the much needed therapy services for your clients.


“What can we do to create shared prosperity? The answer is not to try to slow down technology. Instead of racing against the machine, we need to learn to race with the machine.”
— Erik Brynjolfsson
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
— Frank Zappa

Goals to Accomplish

  • Provide mental health professionals with information and insight into developing a profitable business.
  • Create inspiration to reach your true potential in counseling.
  • Create a network of professionals who can learn from each other.
  • Offer podcasts on utilizing technology and other entrepreneurial approaches to counseling.
  • Most importantly, free ourselves from the office by providing ethical and legal counseling services while working from anywhere!