Here's some of the projects and ventures I am currently working on:

Virtual LPC podcast

Starting in early 2015, I will be interviewing other entrepreneurial-minded mental health professionals to discuss ways to grow the counseling profession.  I will be posting weekly interviews on this site in the near future, so check back soon!


Software for Counselors and mental health professionals

The following are links to websites and software services I'm creating to help counselors.


"Developing Counselors, Building Connections"

Find Your Supervisor

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PLEASE NOTE: this is currently only available for LPC's in TEXAS.  My long term vision is to expand in other states, but we are starting in my home state, and will expand as we learn and grow. is a platform for LPC-Interns and recent graduates from master’s level counseling programs to connect with potential LPC-Supervisors.  Currently, it's only being offered in Texas, but the site will have the ability to scale to other states.  Here are the goals of the website:

  1. Create an efficient way to connect LPC-Supervisors and LPC-Interns in Texas.
  2. Provide LPC-Supervisors with a way to promote and market their services.
  3. Offer LPC-Interns an easy way to learn more about LPC-Supervisors in their area so they can connect with the Supervisors that appear to be the best fit.

I want to take the guessing game out of finding the right supervision experience.  As an LPC-Intern in Texas, you basically have to go to the state's LPC website and download an Excel spreadsheet with all the licensed Supervisors' name on it.  From there, you can sort by city to find supervisors in your area.  NO OTHER INFORMATION IS PROVIDED!  You are literally cold calling people.  With, LPC-Supervisors will provide a detailed profile of their services.  The LPC-Intern will have a chance to learn about the Supervisor's fees, theoretical orientation, scheduling requirements, education, expertise, etc.  With this information, LPC-Interns can make more informed decisions before reaching out to potential Supervisors.  Just think of all the time you will save by having access to this information!  And Supervisors, think of the time it will save you in phone calls/meetings with potential Interns if they can see your profile and learn whether or not you may be a good fit. 

Click here to join the mailing list and have the opportunity to get a FREE MEMBERSHIP to the site for the first few months!  That's right, for the Supervisors and Interns willing to sign up as an early adopter, I'm giving you this awesome resource for FREE!