Virtual LPC Podcast #14 featuring Rebecca Wong, LCSW

A short exert from Rebecca's "About" page:
"I guide my clients into reconnecting with themselves, each other and their dear ones by teaching sustainable ways to infuse more intimacy, fun and ease into their relationship, family and into daily living."


WOW!  This is an episode full of wonderful insights!  During the episode, Rebecca discusses how "we get to manifest our ideal day."  That really stood out to me.  WE get to decide and create our day.  Rebecca discusses her journey into the creation of her private practice and how she has developed a thriving practice.

Currently, Rebecca is running her private practice, as well as developing some really cool projects such as (RE)SPARK- an online parenting couples class.

Below are some of the resources Rebecca shared that are helpful in her practice:

Wellness: yoga, walking, and training her dog

Book: "Creatures of a Day" by Irvin Yalom; "Passionate Marriage" by David Schnarch; and "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl.

Internet Resource: (great website full of helpful information on starting a private counseling practice)

For more information about Rebecca and her work, check out:


You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by searching for "connectfulness"

You can also click here to listen to the episode directly from your browser