work life balance myth

Work-Life Balance Myth

I read about this from a number of resources recently, and it resonated with me.  I know I've talked about the "work-life balance" when doing trainings on wellness, and now I wish I could take back those words.

The more I've learned, the more I believe the work-life balance motto to be a myth.  It sounds great in theory: maintaining an even balance of work and life so we don't burn out, and have plenty of time to spend away from work.  My truth I've learned is this isn't possible anymore.  Due to technology and current cultural norms, we are no longer living a work-life balance.  In fact, it's all just simply they way we choose to live our life.  

By theory of work-life balance, work tends to be "bad", and life tends to be "good".  We are supposed to balance the bad and the good.  First, there's no way to create this balance.  Second, why must we determine our work to be "bad", or something that must be balanced with the rest of our life?

For many of us, especially entrepreneur-minded people, the brain never stops thinking about ideas and work related stuff.  Rather than "balance", my new goal is to integrate it into my life instead of separating the two.  This doesn't mean that I'm always in "work" mind, but instead I accept that work will be a part of my daily life and routines.  In fact, my ultimate goal is to do work that I enjoy so that work is a positive part of my life.  

I think the best example of the work-life balance myth is taking vacations.  We work like crazy for 50 weeks of the year to balance it with 2 weeks of ESCAPE FROM REALITY.  First off, that doesn't seem like a balanced proposition anyway.  Second, my goal is to avoid being on a teeter-tot swing that goes up and down based on whether I'm at work or home.  I've lived that lifestyle and it's not fun...

So, what's the solution to this myth?  I don't think there needs to be a solution.  Life is just Life.  We work.  We play. We love.  We fight.  We live.  No need to create "balance".  My goal is to simply find ways to do more of what I love, and less of the things that don't allow me to be fulfilled and happy.