overcoming fear

4 Keys to Losing the Fear of Being FIRED

I've noticed a common theme among people in many of the environments I've worked in the past.  These environments include schools, agencies, and in different private counseling practices.  What's the theme: FEAR of losing their job.  It amazes me each time I hear someone talk in desperation about their need to keep their job like they are trapped in misery. 

This fear creates extremely negative work environments, causing fear-based thinking and behavior such as blaming others and playing the victim.  Backstabbing and avoiding accountability become the norm.  Shifting blame and avoiding the boss are daily occurrences.  Fear takes over and causes people to act in very destructive ways.  I've always found this to be odd behavior, and it saddened me to watch people use fear to act in malicious, self-destructive ways.  It's sad because the fear of losing a job directly leads to the behavior that causes the person to lose the job.  Depressing irony, right?

It doesn't have to be this way.  We don't have to live in fear while at work.  We don't have to spend time worrying about being replaced.  Instead, through some simple techniques, you can become the "standout" employee that's an ASSET to your company.  No one fires their asset.  They fire the liability.  How do you become an asset?  Here are some recommendations based on John Acuff's book: Do Over

1. Show up on time

2.  Add value- make yourself indispensable to your office.

3. Maintain a positive attitude

4. Build relationships- when your boss, coworkers, and patrons LIKE you; it creates job security. 

By choosing to be a vital resource to your work community, you solidify your job.  Even more so, you are developing and maintaining the skills that will make you a valuable asset.  These skills transition to any job, and by working from an ASSET mindset (rather than fear mindset), you are creating new opportunities to grow in your field and excel. 

One final thought: if you feel that the environment is so negative that you can't do anything to change it, you can always quit.  Life is too short to be miserable, and if you believe in yourself, there's always another job.  Remaining stuck in a job you hate will guarantee continued fear and frustration.  Trust in yourself, and take the steps to find the work you enjoy.