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Virtual LPC- Episode #5 with Nikki Bonsol

Nikki Bonsol

Here is an excerpt from Nikki's webpage describing her work:

My name is Nicole Bonsol and I help healers on the verge of greatness create websites that excite and inspire, so that they can build a movement around their work—and ultimately transform lives.


Nikki is one of those amazing people I find myself being jealous of because of her artistic abilities.  She is a writer, designer, musician, and a very cool person.  In this episode, we talk a lot about the fear that holds someone back from growing their own business.  Nikki talks about leaving the comfort of her nonprofit job to jump into her own business.  For me, it was very easy to identify with her fears, and I think many counselors working in "safe" agencies or school jobs will identify with this as well.

Nikki offers some awesome tools and resources that she uses to grow her business:

Wellness- singing.  I have to agree with this one.  Spending some time singing in the car on the way home from work can be extremely therapeutic (and no one else has to hear how bad the singing is when you are alone in your car!).

Book- The Art of War by Steven Pressfield

Internet Resource(s)- (track projects and to-do list); “life is beautiful and so are you” calendar (app will be coming soon) and “I stand for love” app- late Spring or early summer- both found at

To learn more about all the cool stuff Nikki is doing, go to:

Her Website (

Follow her on Instagram at Nikkibonsol

Email her at

You can also listen to the podcast espisode by clicking on the link below:

Virtual LPC Podcast Episode #5 with Nikki Bonsol

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