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Virtual LPC- Episode #1- Kelly Higdon

In Episode #1, we meet Kelly Higdon of Zynny Me.  If you never been to her site, go there right now!  It's amazing, and offers A TON of FREE material.

Kelly was gracious enough to be my initial guest on the show, and I am truly honored to have met her.  In the show, you will hear about how she is living up to her goal of leaving the world a little better than she found it.  

Kelly runs a private counseling practice, co-owns Zynny Me, and is putting together the Most Awesome Conference ever!  She also offers a bootcamp for counselors.  She talks about some of the obstacles faced while pursuing her career and counseling, and how she has not just overcome, but crushed it!

During the show, she offers some amazing resources as well:

Book to read: Dr. Irvin Yalom's "Creature of a Day"

Internet Resource: Sumo Me

Plus, much more... Download it on iTunes, or listen by clicking below:

Virtual LPC Podcast- Episode #1 with Kelly Higdon



The Virtual LPC Podcast is in Motion!

I'm very excited to begin the process of producing a podcast for counselors!  I have three interviews that will be posted in the next month, and you will love them all!  I was very lucky to get the following three counselors as my initial guests:

I feel extremely fortunate to have such awesome people wiling to take some time to share their expertise with us!  As we get closer to airing the episodes, I will write a blog post highlighting each person, and the key takeaways from each interview.  Let me tell you, there are a ton of key takeaways from each episode.  These folks are true inspiration to those of us looking to no longer grind out the day for low pay!

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out their sites and see all the cool things they are doing.  I think you will be amazed at the helpful information!

Finally, I again want to thank Kelly, Joe, and Roy for being open to talking with me and sharing their knowledge for our podcast.  This is a start of something awesome!