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Virtual LPC Podcast #20 featuring Dr. John Pellitteri

Dr. John Pellitteri is a board-certified clinical psychologist who offers neuropsychological assessment, neurofeedback and psychotherapy in private practice. He is an educator with a specialty in the brain and how it processes information.  He has worked with many types of clients as a psychologist, including assessing risk, police, couples, children, individuals, and families.  He has presented on a variety of topics, always with the notion of building relationships, being cognizant of the way the brain works, and entertaining and inspiring his audiences as his focal points. He has performed stand-up comedy at the Improv, taught martial arts to children, and spoken about parenting special needs children – himself a father of an amazing boy with special needs. 

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Dr. Pellitteri is a joy to talk with!  In this episode, we discuss his practice and specialty in Neurofeedback.  On top of his private practice, he is also a professor!  In the episode we talk about the struggles for time, and learning to say "NO".  We also talk about being okay making money as a mental health professional and the importance of specialization.

Below are some are some resources Dr. Pellitteri offers that he finds useful in his practice:

Wellness: mindfulness training, racquetball, and hanging out with friends

Book: "The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy" by Louis Cozolino and "Getting Rid of Ritalin" by Robert W. Hill

Internet Resources: Square for credit card payments; BCIA

For more information about Dr. Pellitteri, you can find him at his website HERE!

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Virtual LPC Podcast #19 featuring Patty Gonzalez

Patty Gonzalez, M.A. is a marriage and family therapist intern and began her training at Los Angeles Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,and Transgender Center in 2012. At that time, Ms. Gonzalez was completing her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a specialization in Latino/a Family at Pacific Oaks College. Patricia’s approach to client work is strengths based and her clinical experience includes the following groups: persons identifying as LGBTQIA, people of color working through trauma, positive and non-violent parenting, childhood social skills and mental health, and mental health related to aging in older adults. 

Patricia has focused her work on specializing with people of color and persons identifying as LGBTQIA. She is committed and passionate about providing well informed mental and affirmative health care to this richly diverse group. Ms. Gonzalez is a longtime advocate of culturally competent mental health care for communities of color and the LGTBQIA community.  She is passionate and knowledgeable in both her role as a clinician as well as a lecturer and workshop facilitator.  In 2015, Ms. Gonzalez joined Creative Insights Counseling to further develop her work, under the supervision of Dr. Lowenthal, in a private practice setting. Together with Dr. Lowenthal and other staff of Creative Insights Counseling, Patricia now collaborates to provide training and outreach in many different settings.  Her writing is featured on the Creative Insights Counseling webpage and she is looking forward to this November when she will be a guest lecturer at the School of Education at the University of Redlands in their Masters of Counseling program. 

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Recently, I had the privilege to interview Patty, and it was a wonderful experience!  Patty is currently an MFT Intern, working under Dr. Traci Lowenthal (podcast interview #17).  I thought it would be interesting to change things up a bit and get perspective from an intern in counseling about topics like: finding a supervisor (Patty found her supervisor through Facebook!), jumping straight into private practice, and building a practice while interning.

In the interview, Patty offers some really good insights into the supervision process and developing her private practice.  She also offers the following resources that have helped her along the way:

Wellness Activity: Guided Meditation through Youtube; using a running app on her phone

Book: "All About Love" by Bell Hooks

Internet Resource: Utilizing Facebook groups to connect with other counselors

To learn more about Patty, check out her new blog HERE!  You can also visit Dr. Lowenthal's website to learn more about Patty and connect with her.  You can also find Patty on Facebook.

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Virtual LPC Podcast #17 featuring Dr. Traci Lowenthal

Traci Lowenthal, Psy.D. began her training at the AIDS Service Center in Pasadena in 2003, while completing her Doctorate in Clinical-Community Psychology at the University of La Verne.  Dr. Lowenthal’s approach to client work is strengths based and her clinical experience includes the following groups: persons identifying as LGBTQIA, those living with HIV/AIDS, Caregivers of Cancer patients, college students, older adults and survivors of sexual trauma. 

Upon licensure, Dr. Lowenthal opened her private practice specializing in work with persons identifying as LGBTQIA. She is committed and passionate about providing quality mental health care to this richly diverse group. Dr. Lowenthal is a long time advocate of equality for the LGTBQIA community and brings tireless commitment to her work as a clinician and educator. In 2014, Dr. Lowenthal developed Creative Insights Counseling as a way to work with interns and provide supervision to those looking to work in a private practice setting. Together with her staff, Dr. Lowenthal now provides training and outreach in many different settings.  Her writing has also been featured in many articles and websites. 

Dr. Lowenthal is adjunct faculty at the University of La Verne and the University of Redlands.


What a wonderful opportunity to be privileged to spend some time with Traci!  I think you will find her story of creating a second career in mental health to be extremely motivating.

In the episode, Traci discusses some of the ups and downs she encountered during the creation of her practice.  She also talks about her latest project, educating other medical professionals about best practices when working with LGBTQIA clients.  Here are some helpful resources she uses in her practice:

Wellness- connect with a personal therapist (YES, we too need to work on ourselves); exercise; and Headspace App

Book- "The Gift of Therapy" by Dr. Irvin Yalom

Internet Resources: hire a virtual assistant; Therapy Notes; Constant Contact

Briefly, I'll speak on hiring a virtual assistant.  After talking with Traci, I actually reached and tried it.  I hired a lady to help me create a slide presentation for an upcoming workshop I was presenting.  It worked out GREAT!  I didn't stress at all, and allowed someone else to take my ideas and create the presentation.  I will definitely be utilizing the services of virtual assistants more often.

For more information about all the great work Traci is doing, go to her website HERE!

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Virtual LPC Podcast #15 featuring Mercedes Samudio, LCSW

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Please welcome Mercedes Samudio!  Below is an excerpt from her About Me page:

"Since 2007 I have been working with families and children to help them develop healthy communication skills, manage severe emotional issues, develop coping skills to manage behaviors, create dynamic parent-child bonds, and navigate social media & technology as a family. Throughout the course of my career I have worked with adoptive families, foster families teen parents, parents navigating the child protective services system, and children living with mental illness. In 2014 I began to transition into my private practice where I focused on parent coaching and guiding families to reducing unwanted behaviors, developing effective parenting strategies, creating healthy communication habits, and designing social media/tech plans for their household."

What a great episode!  In this episode, I talk with Mercedes about lots of cool things, but the main takeaway I received came from our discussion on coaching versus counseling.  I think you will find it to be interesting as well.  Mercedes has transitioned her practice into working as a parent coach.  Check out her website for more information on all the cool stuff she is doing.

The Parenting Skill

Here are some of the other helpful resources shared by Mercedes during the episode:

Wellness practice: exercise using pole fitness

Book: "Get Rich, Lucky Bitch" by Denise Duffield Thomas

Internet Resource: Canva

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Virtual LPC Podcast Episode #10 featuring Camille McDaniel, LPC, CPCS


Camille McDaniel, LPC, CPCS  is a licensed professional counselor and certified counselor supervisor.  She has a private practice, Healing Psychotherapy Practices of Georgia, LLC, where she works with mood disorders, self harming behaviors, grief, and anxiety in children and adults.  In addition to the clients she counsels in her practice, she also provides clinical supervision for those seeking licensure and assists professionals and students through consultation.  She is also an adjunct professor.


What an excellent interview!  Camille shared some amazing insights into her journey as a counselor and entrepreneur.  Some of the major takeaways:

  • Create a legacy
  • Find a mastermind group and learn from others
  • Finding the right location for your practice
  • How to pick the best clinicians to work in your practice
  • Maintaining balance in life
  • She is currently working on developing webinars to educate clients about psychiatric disorders (what a great idea!)

Camille also shared the following resources and insights:

  • Wellness Exercise: take at least an hour lunch every day
  • Internet Resource- calm.com- mindfulness app; contentforrest.com (content ideator- type in one word and you will get many blog titles; check keywords that people look up the most)

To learn more about Camille and her work, you can go to her website:


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Virtual LPC- Episode #5 with Nikki Bonsol

Nikki Bonsol

Here is an excerpt from Nikki's webpage describing her work:

My name is Nicole Bonsol and I help healers on the verge of greatness create websites that excite and inspire, so that they can build a movement around their work—and ultimately transform lives.


Nikki is one of those amazing people I find myself being jealous of because of her artistic abilities.  She is a writer, designer, musician, and a very cool person.  In this episode, we talk a lot about the fear that holds someone back from growing their own business.  Nikki talks about leaving the comfort of her nonprofit job to jump into her own business.  For me, it was very easy to identify with her fears, and I think many counselors working in "safe" agencies or school jobs will identify with this as well.

Nikki offers some awesome tools and resources that she uses to grow her business:

Wellness- singing.  I have to agree with this one.  Spending some time singing in the car on the way home from work can be extremely therapeutic (and no one else has to hear how bad the singing is when you are alone in your car!).

Book- The Art of War by Steven Pressfield

Internet Resource(s)-  wunderlist.com (track projects and to-do list); “life is beautiful and so are you” calendar (app will be coming soon) and “I stand for love” app- late Spring or early summer- both found at  Istandforlove.com

To learn more about all the cool stuff Nikki is doing, go to:

Her Website (WriteBrave.com)

Follow her on Instagram at Nikkibonsol

Email her at nikki@writebrave.com

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Virtual LPC Podcast Episode #5 with Nikki Bonsol

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