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Virtual LPC Podcast #23 featuring Michelle Mays, LPC, CSAT

Founder and Clinical Director of the Center for Relational Recovery in Leesburg Virginia, Michelle Mays LPC, CSAT has over 13 years experience in providing individual, couples and group therapy to those struggling with sexual addiction, trauma and relationship issues.

Michelle is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist trained under Dr. Patrick Carnes. She is also trained in Post Induction Therapy by Pia Mellody for the treatment of relational trauma. Michelle is sought out as a writer, trainer and speaker on sexual addiction, partners of sex addicts, the developmental model of trauma treatment, and relationship issues. In addition, she mentors and supervises upcoming therapists. Michelle is in the process of completing her certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples.

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Please welcome Michelle!  Between operating a counseling practice, writing a book to help partners of sex addicts, and developing a website ( should be coming out soon), she is able to maintain a balanced lifestyle.  One of the keys to her success is that she leaves her evening open throughout the week.  That seems to be a struggle for so many people in private practice, due to the "need" to see clients in the evening to accommodate client schedules.  Michelle offers some excellent insight into running a counseling practice and maintaining balance in life.

Some resources she uses and recommends are:

Wellness: "artist way" (you can learn what this means listening to the podcast!); meditation, exercise, play, and prayer.

Books: "Presence" by Amy Cuddy; "The Truth" by Neil Strauss; "Do the Work" by Steven Pressfield; "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk

Internet Resources:; Scrivener for Mac

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Virtual LPC Podcast #22 featuring Courtney Armstrong

Courtney is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Master Practitioner in a method called Rapid Resolution Therapy™, a process that integrates both the rational and emotional systems of the brain to quickly calm anxiety, heal emotional pain, and create renewed joy and purpose in your life.

Through her 20 years experience as a counselor and hypnotherapist, Courtney discovered that the emotional part of your brain learns better through an experience and your five-senses, not from logical analysis and discussion about a problem. That’s why you can’t just talk yourself out of a bad mood, panic attack, or flashback. Instead the emotional brain responds to connection, imagery, metaphor, movement, or music. What’s more- integrating these elements seems to accelerate healing so that you feel better within 1-6 sessions, not years.

In her therapy sessions and her workshops, Courtney provides a compassionate, supportive space and shows you how to deal with your emotions, clear any blocks that have been keeping you “stuck,” and move your life forward in a positive direction.

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Please welcome Courtney to our little spot on the Internet.  She's an extremely busy lady with all the different things she has going on.  Courtney owns a private practice, mentors other counselors, conducts workshops, and has published a book, The Therapeutic "Aha".

In this episode, she discusses her path to the counseling profession, and the experience of becoming a published author.  Courtney serves as an inspiration to all of us- she reminds us that we can create multiple ways to help others and grow our income.  Below are some valuable resources she recommends utilizing:

Wellness: yoga (since we sit most of the day in our job, it's important to stretch and move)

Books: "Trauma and Memory" by Peter Levine; Books from David Sedaris; and of course Courtney's book

Internet Resources: Online Scheduler such as Full Slate; finding a Virtual Assistant.

For more information on Courtney's work, visit her website HERE!  If wanting to learn more about her mentoring work and therapist resources, check out her other website HERE!  I have to say, her websites are extremely well done.

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Virtual LPC Podcast- Episode #3 with Roy Huggins

Roy Huggins, LPC, NCC

Roy Huggins, LPC, NCC, is a counselor in private practice who also directs Person-Centered Tech. Roy worked as a professional Web developer for 7 years before changing paths, and makes it his mission to grow clinicians’ understanding of the Internet and other electronic communications mediums for the future of our practices and our professions.

Roy also acts as Technology Chair for the Oregon Counseling Association, is an adjunct instructor at the Portland State University Counseling program where he teaches Ethics, and is a member of the Zur Institute advisory board. He routinely consults with mental health colleagues on ethical and practical issues surrounding tech in clinical practice.

And the best contact information is:

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Roy has a very interesting background in web development before making a major pivot into the field of counseling.  Through his knowledge and expertise in technology, he has a unique insight into counseling.  He is quickly becoming the "go to" guy for HIPAA compliance and making ethical decisions related to technology.  Throughout this episode, Roy offers many takeaways, and it's definitely an episode to listen to, especially if you are utilizing technology in your practice.

Another cool fact about Roy: he spent some time living in Japan as a teacher.  I'm always fascinated by people who are willing to take the plunge and engage in new cultures and experiences.

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Virtual LPC Podcast- Episode #3 with Roy Huggins


Virtual LPC- Episode #0

In the very first episode, I interview myself.  My goal is to invite you into the "why" of creating this podcast.  During the show, I ask myself the same questions I ask the guests so you can get to know a little about me and my work.

Check it out here, or you can visit me on iTunes.  If you like the show, please leave your comments and positive feedback.  Thank you again!

Virtual LPC Podcast- Episode #0


Virtual LPC Podcast is LIVE!

Hi All,

The podcast is now live and can be heard on iTunes by clicking the link below:

Virtual LPC Podcast

Check it out, and please leave your feedback.  If you like it, I would truly appreciate your positive rating and comments on iTunes.  This helps the podcast get "found" by other people looking for podcast related to mental health and business.

The podcast can also be heard at the following address (this is the Stitcher link):

My goal is to offer you weekly inspiration and insights from some of the best counselors in the world.  In these first episodes, you are getting some amazing content!  I was VERY LUCKY to interview such amazing guests.  In the next week, I will post about each guest so you can learn more about the exciting things they are doing.

The show will be airing a new episode each Monday starting in May.  I have some awesome interviews completed, and a bunch more scheduled.  If you would like to be on the show, or know someone that you feel would be a great person to interview, please send me a message.

Thank you again for joining my site, and I truly hope you find the podcast valuable.  I know each time I end the interview with my guest, I am even more inspired and motivated to grow my own business and create a better lifestyle in the process.

Update on Virtual LPC Podcast

Hey Guys,

Quick update on the podcast.  It's coming along perfectly!  I have interviewed eight amazing people so far, and have even more scheduled.  My goal is to have the podcast available for download on iTunes, Stitcher, and through the site by mid-April.  From there, we will be launching a new show each monday morning at 6:00 AM (just in time to listen and get you inspired as you begin the new work week)!

As we get this rolled out, if you have any feedback, please let me know.  Also, it means a lot to give a positive review of the show.  If you like what you hear, please let the world know by leaving a positive review in iTunes.  Over the next two weeks, I will be posting blogs about my guests for the month of April.  You will truly appreciate their insight!

More coming soon...

The Virtual LPC Podcast is in Motion!

I'm very excited to begin the process of producing a podcast for counselors!  I have three interviews that will be posted in the next month, and you will love them all!  I was very lucky to get the following three counselors as my initial guests:

I feel extremely fortunate to have such awesome people wiling to take some time to share their expertise with us!  As we get closer to airing the episodes, I will write a blog post highlighting each person, and the key takeaways from each interview.  Let me tell you, there are a ton of key takeaways from each episode.  These folks are true inspiration to those of us looking to no longer grind out the day for low pay!

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out their sites and see all the cool things they are doing.  I think you will be amazed at the helpful information!

Finally, I again want to thank Kelly, Joe, and Roy for being open to talking with me and sharing their knowledge for our podcast.  This is a start of something awesome!