Virtual LPC Podcast Episode #10 featuring Camille McDaniel, LPC, CPCS


Camille McDaniel, LPC, CPCS  is a licensed professional counselor and certified counselor supervisor.  She has a private practice, Healing Psychotherapy Practices of Georgia, LLC, where she works with mood disorders, self harming behaviors, grief, and anxiety in children and adults.  In addition to the clients she counsels in her practice, she also provides clinical supervision for those seeking licensure and assists professionals and students through consultation.  She is also an adjunct professor.


What an excellent interview!  Camille shared some amazing insights into her journey as a counselor and entrepreneur.  Some of the major takeaways:

  • Create a legacy
  • Find a mastermind group and learn from others
  • Finding the right location for your practice
  • How to pick the best clinicians to work in your practice
  • Maintaining balance in life
  • She is currently working on developing webinars to educate clients about psychiatric disorders (what a great idea!)

Camille also shared the following resources and insights:

  • Wellness Exercise: take at least an hour lunch every day
  • Internet Resource- mindfulness app; (content ideator- type in one word and you will get many blog titles; check keywords that people look up the most)

To learn more about Camille and her work, you can go to her website:

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Virtual LPC Podcast Episode #9 featuring Jen Kind, MA, LPCi, CDWF

Jen Kind, MA, LPCi, CDWF

Jen Kind, MA, LPCi, CDWF


Welcome back!  Episode #9 features Jen Kind (formerly Jen Anderson).  Prepare to be inspired by her charisma and energy!

Jen is based in Portland, and operates Daring Happiness, and counseling and coaching practice.  Jen identifies herself as a "Happiness Alchemist".  This is a great term!  Check out her website for more info on her work.

In the episode, Jen and I talk about her journey to become a counselor in her 30's, and the obstacles she has overcome in the process.  We also talk about her training as a CDWF  (Certified Daring Way Facilitator) based on the work of Brene Brown.  I would recommend you check out the link above to learn more about this type of training.  Also, if you haven't read Brene Brown's book "Daring Greatly", I would highly recommend it.

Jen offers some wonderful resources and tips she uses in her life and practice:

Wellness Exercise: playing with her dogs.  I can totally identify with this one.  

Below is a picture of my dog Willie.

What a face!

What a face!

Book to read: "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks

Internet Resource: Headspace- it's a mindfulness/meditation app.  I have used this app, and it does work well.  Admittedly, I need to do a better job of using it daily.

For more information on Jen, visit her at Daring Happiness.  You can also email her at  Finally, you can follow her on Facebook at Daring Happiness.

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Virtual LPC Podcast Episode #9 featuring Jen Kind


Virtual LPC Podcast Episode #7 with Stephanie Adams, LPC

Stephanie Adams, LPC

Stephanie Adams is the creator of MYOB Counselor: Creating In Community Private Practices That Are Purposeful, Profitable and Passionate, and a speaker and writer who has worked with distinguished organizations like the American Counseling Association and the American Mental Health Counselor Association. Join the free MYOB community at


Happy Memorial Day!  It's important to take some time today to celebrate our military and remember all the men and women that have given their lives for us.

It's always fun to get an opportunity to interview a fellow therapist in the great state of Texas.  On a side note, if you are from Texas (or a fan of Texas), check out the new History Channel series that will be starting today (Memorial Day) titled Texas Rising.  Pretty cool.

Stephanie operates a private counseling practice, as well as two other sites specifically designed to help counselors.  She owns Mind Your Own Business, a site dedicated to helping counselors develop a thriving private practice.  She also owns and operates, a website designed to help new professionals engage with each other and grow a counseling practice.

During the episode, Stephanie talks about her struggles the first couple years in private practice, and how she overcame those obstacles to grow a prosperous business.  Stephanie stresses the idea of knowing how to run a business.  In graduate school, we learn a ton about theory and the art/science of counseling; BUT, we don't learn anything about business!  Stephanie talks about the need to grow your counseling business by learning effective business and marketing strategies.

Stephanie has a FREE ONLINE conference titled "Marketing Your Practice" that will be available very soon.  For more details, check out her website here: MYOB

Some helpful resources she offers during the episode:

Wellness: prayer, and making time to prioritize.

Book: "Marketing for the Mental Health Professional" by David P. Diana.

Internet Resource: practice management software.

Thanks again to Stephanie for joining the show and sharing her expertise.  To learn more about her work, click on the links above to go to her websites.  You can also email her at

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