Dr. Steven Brownlow

Virtual LPC Podcast- Episode #4 with Dr. Steven Brownlow

Dr. Steven Brownlow

Dr. Brownlow is the owner of Adept Psychology, a practice that's specifically dedicated to helping counselors.  As stated from his website:

At ADEPT Psychology, we focus on one thing: improving the quality of life—your clients’ and yours.

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Dr. Brownlow offers some amazing insights while sharing his story on the podcast.  One of my biggest takeaways from the interview was that most therapists can feel like an imposter at times. That really resonated with me, and I think it will for many of you as well.

Also, in the interview, he offers the following resources:

Wellness Exercise- breathing (learning to monitor and use deep belly breathing)

Book- writings of Freud and John Bowlby

Internet Resource- Screenflow- videos for training (for Mac)

Finally, Dr. Brownlow discusses the need to go deeper into the emotional issues a client presents, and how therapists MUST focus on developing strong, healthy relationships with clients.  After listening to the podcast, I think you will be amazed at the insight Dr. Brownlow has regarding effective therapy practices.

To learn more about Dr. Brownlow's training and coaching, click the links here, or go to his website for more details:

Adept Psychology 

Follow Dr. Brownlow on Twitter here: @sgbrownlow

You can also listen to the podcast episode by clicking the link below:

Virtual LPC Podcast Episode #4 with Dr. Steven Brownlow


Counselor Supervision

My friend, Dr. Steven Brownlow, founder of ADEPT Psychology, recently wrote a very insightful blog post on his view of counselor supervision.  Check out the article here:


In the article he brings up some very good points:

"Therapy outcomes rely more on the qualities of the therapist than on the theory the therapist follows."  The therapeutic alliance, or relationship between client and therapist is the catalyst for change.  No theory of counseling can teach the ability to connect with another person.

Dr. Brownlow discusses intuition, and how to engage clients to switch from "hoping and coping" to true change and growth.

Great article.  Take a look.