Virtual LPC Podcast #20 featuring Dr. John Pellitteri

Dr. John Pellitteri is a board-certified clinical psychologist who offers neuropsychological assessment, neurofeedback and psychotherapy in private practice. He is an educator with a specialty in the brain and how it processes information.  He has worked with many types of clients as a psychologist, including assessing risk, police, couples, children, individuals, and families.  He has presented on a variety of topics, always with the notion of building relationships, being cognizant of the way the brain works, and entertaining and inspiring his audiences as his focal points. He has performed stand-up comedy at the Improv, taught martial arts to children, and spoken about parenting special needs children – himself a father of an amazing boy with special needs. 

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Dr. Pellitteri is a joy to talk with!  In this episode, we discuss his practice and specialty in Neurofeedback.  On top of his private practice, he is also a professor!  In the episode we talk about the struggles for time, and learning to say "NO".  We also talk about being okay making money as a mental health professional and the importance of specialization.

Below are some are some resources Dr. Pellitteri offers that he finds useful in his practice:

Wellness: mindfulness training, racquetball, and hanging out with friends

Book: "The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy" by Louis Cozolino and "Getting Rid of Ritalin" by Robert W. Hill

Internet Resources: Square for credit card payments; BCIA

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