Virtual LPC Podcast #17 featuring Dr. Traci Lowenthal

Traci Lowenthal, Psy.D. began her training at the AIDS Service Center in Pasadena in 2003, while completing her Doctorate in Clinical-Community Psychology at the University of La Verne.  Dr. Lowenthal’s approach to client work is strengths based and her clinical experience includes the following groups: persons identifying as LGBTQIA, those living with HIV/AIDS, Caregivers of Cancer patients, college students, older adults and survivors of sexual trauma. 

Upon licensure, Dr. Lowenthal opened her private practice specializing in work with persons identifying as LGBTQIA. She is committed and passionate about providing quality mental health care to this richly diverse group. Dr. Lowenthal is a long time advocate of equality for the LGTBQIA community and brings tireless commitment to her work as a clinician and educator. In 2014, Dr. Lowenthal developed Creative Insights Counseling as a way to work with interns and provide supervision to those looking to work in a private practice setting. Together with her staff, Dr. Lowenthal now provides training and outreach in many different settings.  Her writing has also been featured in many articles and websites. 

Dr. Lowenthal is adjunct faculty at the University of La Verne and the University of Redlands.


What a wonderful opportunity to be privileged to spend some time with Traci!  I think you will find her story of creating a second career in mental health to be extremely motivating.

In the episode, Traci discusses some of the ups and downs she encountered during the creation of her practice.  She also talks about her latest project, educating other medical professionals about best practices when working with LGBTQIA clients.  Here are some helpful resources she uses in her practice:

Wellness- connect with a personal therapist (YES, we too need to work on ourselves); exercise; and Headspace App

Book- "The Gift of Therapy" by Dr. Irvin Yalom

Internet Resources: hire a virtual assistant; Therapy Notes; Constant Contact

Briefly, I'll speak on hiring a virtual assistant.  After talking with Traci, I actually reached and tried it.  I hired a lady to help me create a slide presentation for an upcoming workshop I was presenting.  It worked out GREAT!  I didn't stress at all, and allowed someone else to take my ideas and create the presentation.  I will definitely be utilizing the services of virtual assistants more often.

For more information about all the great work Traci is doing, go to her website HERE!

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