Virtual LPC Podcast Episode #9 featuring Jen Kind, MA, LPCi, CDWF

Jen Kind, MA, LPCi, CDWF

Jen Kind, MA, LPCi, CDWF


Welcome back!  Episode #9 features Jen Kind (formerly Jen Anderson).  Prepare to be inspired by her charisma and energy!

Jen is based in Portland, and operates Daring Happiness, and counseling and coaching practice.  Jen identifies herself as a "Happiness Alchemist".  This is a great term!  Check out her website for more info on her work.

In the episode, Jen and I talk about her journey to become a counselor in her 30's, and the obstacles she has overcome in the process.  We also talk about her training as a CDWF  (Certified Daring Way Facilitator) based on the work of Brene Brown.  I would recommend you check out the link above to learn more about this type of training.  Also, if you haven't read Brene Brown's book "Daring Greatly", I would highly recommend it.

Jen offers some wonderful resources and tips she uses in her life and practice:

Wellness Exercise: playing with her dogs.  I can totally identify with this one.  

Below is a picture of my dog Willie.

What a face!

What a face!

Book to read: "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks

Internet Resource: Headspace- it's a mindfulness/meditation app.  I have used this app, and it does work well.  Admittedly, I need to do a better job of using it daily.

For more information on Jen, visit her at Daring Happiness.  You can also email her at  Finally, you can follow her on Facebook at Daring Happiness.

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Virtual LPC Podcast Episode #9 featuring Jen Kind