Virtual LPC Podcast #12 featuring Dr. Maelisa Hall

Dr. Maelisa Hall specializes in teaching therapists how to connect with their paperwork so it’s more simple and more meaningful. The result? Rock solid documentation every therapist can be proud of! Check out her free online Private Practice Paperwork Crash Course ( and get tips on improving your documentation today.


Who knew talking about paperwork and therapy documentation could be so much fun!

What a wonderful interview with Maelisa!  She is the owner of QAprep, a site dedicated to helping therapists bring meaning and value back to the paperwork part of our work.  If you're like me, paperwork gets pushed back until it NEEDS to be done.  Maelisa reminded me why it's important to value the note taking (and other paperwork) experience.  We no longer have to look at paperwork as a necessary evil.  Let's make it a crucial part of the therapy process. 

Also in the interview we talk about the overwhelming feeling of lots of ideas, and how to channel that into focused energy.  We also talk about the need for a professional support system, and having people to bounce ideas off of.

Below are some resources highlighted by Maelisa in her interview:

Wellness Exercise: utilizing a mastermind group

Book: "Get Rich Lucky Bitch" by Denise Duffield Thomas

Internet Resource: Mailchimp

If you want to learn more, Maelisa is currently working on a brand new project called "Meaningful Documentation".  For more information, go HERE.

Maelisa can be reached by going to her website:, or you can find her on Facebook HERE.

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