Counselor Salary Reality Check- Round #2


A while back I posted some available job opportunities to show the lack of value many people place on counselors.  Today, I went to Travis County's website (Austin, TX) to look at current job opportunities and below are two of the openings I found:

Notice this is a "Senior" level position!!


What stands out to you about these two job openings?  For me, it's the reality that a Senior level counselor (with a Master's degree and at least 2-4 years of experience) is offered the same compensation as an individual with a high school diploma and a electrician's license.  On top of that, the counselor position is inside a county jail!!  This post isn't meant to disrespect the electrician profession, it's about helping counselors recognize their value and expect more.  

Counselors spend 4-5 years earning a Bachelor's degree, then another 2-3 years earning a Master's degree, and THEN ANOTHER 2-3 years interning before even starting a career as a fully licensed counselor.  When it's all said and done, a counselor has spent as much time in school as some medical professionals (and accrued a ton of debt along the way).  

It's our job as professional counselors to demand and expect fair compensation for the important work we do.  Why settle for a salary that doesn't reflect your value.  How can you create your own business and help your clients while earning a living that equals your true worth?