Virtual LPC Podcast #22 featuring Courtney Armstrong

Courtney is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Master Practitioner in a method called Rapid Resolution Therapy™, a process that integrates both the rational and emotional systems of the brain to quickly calm anxiety, heal emotional pain, and create renewed joy and purpose in your life.

Through her 20 years experience as a counselor and hypnotherapist, Courtney discovered that the emotional part of your brain learns better through an experience and your five-senses, not from logical analysis and discussion about a problem. That’s why you can’t just talk yourself out of a bad mood, panic attack, or flashback. Instead the emotional brain responds to connection, imagery, metaphor, movement, or music. What’s more- integrating these elements seems to accelerate healing so that you feel better within 1-6 sessions, not years.

In her therapy sessions and her workshops, Courtney provides a compassionate, supportive space and shows you how to deal with your emotions, clear any blocks that have been keeping you “stuck,” and move your life forward in a positive direction.

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Please welcome Courtney to our little spot on the Internet.  She's an extremely busy lady with all the different things she has going on.  Courtney owns a private practice, mentors other counselors, conducts workshops, and has published a book, The Therapeutic "Aha".

In this episode, she discusses her path to the counseling profession, and the experience of becoming a published author.  Courtney serves as an inspiration to all of us- she reminds us that we can create multiple ways to help others and grow our income.  Below are some valuable resources she recommends utilizing:

Wellness: yoga (since we sit most of the day in our job, it's important to stretch and move)

Books: "Trauma and Memory" by Peter Levine; Books from David Sedaris; and of course Courtney's book

Internet Resources: Online Scheduler such as Full Slate; finding a Virtual Assistant.

For more information on Courtney's work, visit her website HERE!  If wanting to learn more about her mentoring work and therapist resources, check out her other website HERE!  I have to say, her websites are extremely well done.

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