The Eisenhower Matrix



I recently came across this efficient, simple way to organize my tasks.  To learn more, click here for more details.

With so many "things" to do now, and even more distractions from getting "things" done, this is a simple way to determine what's important and what's not.  Give it a try, and see what you think.  The goal is to simplify and focus only on a few tasks to complete now.  

Create lists of other tasks to schedule at a later date if it's not urgent.  For example, schedule a meeting for a later date rather than scrambling to squeeze it into a packed day.

Delegate everything that someone else can do.  These are the non-important tasks that can be given to someone else, especially when it comes to tasks that someone else is likely better at than you.  For example, delegating the minor daily tasks to a virtual assistant can drastically free up your time to complete the more urgent/important tasks.

Finally, the "delete" category.  This is probably the area that we have to be the most diligent about.  Think of all the time you spend on unimportant/non-urgent tasks.  Looking on the Internet, checking Facebook, or any other way you kill time to avoid the important/urgent tasks.  Delete as much as possible.  In doing so, you simplify daily goals and tasks to complete everything you need to get done.  Hope this helps.