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Just another piece of evidence verifying the low pay of counselors...

Nine Surprisingly Low-Paying Jobs

First one listed: Mental Health Counselors (median annual income of $40,580)

It should also be noted that Marriage and Family Therapists were on the list as well.  Overall, the theme was social service jobs.  This probably isn't a shocker...

The article seems to stress the idea that we need to be paying people in social services more money, which is great, but it starts with us.  We need to be the first ones to start the campaign of increasing our value.  Why would anyone else place more value in us, if we don't even see it?  This has been a problem in public education for years, and is now facing us in the counseling world.  

Be willing to step up and charge your worth for your services.  I know it's easy to fall prey to the fear of not finding a job, but it continues the cycle of low pay for counselors.  Many counselors say things like, "I'm just happy to have a job."  Is that success thinking, or fear-based thinking?  Successful people don't live in fear of losing a job that is paying them the bare minimum to do 60 hours a week of work.  Rather, successful people demand and expect to earn a great living doing the work they find important.