Who's Driving the Bus?

I recently read a short blog from Seth Godin titled "Along for the ride" that inspired this entry.  He wrote about our decision to get in the vehicle and allow someone else to take us where we are going.

Are we creating our own path?  Making our own decisions?  I remember working as a school counselor and feeling that lack of personal control.  I remember sitting in meetings and hearing all the "things" that I "need" to do.  I rode the bus, allowing others to dictate my work and life.  That's not meant to be a dig on working in schools, but my own recollection of my experience and frustration with knowing how I could be of more service to the students at the school, but feeling held back due to the minutiae of daily tasks.

This isn't about being a control freak either.  This isn't about avoiding help and direction from others.  This IS about thinking for yourself and making sure YOU have a plan and course of action for your career and personal life.

"If you don't have an opinion, someone will have one for you."  I'm not sure where that quote came from, but have always liked it.  It's our job to develop our path and view of our career.  Speak up and challenge yourself.  

Are you on the bus right now?  How long have you been on it?