Core Truths

You can do anything, but not everything.
— David Allen

I really like this quote.  So true...
So many times we get caught up trying to do everything, and it causes us to accomplish nothing.  There's an old saying: "Pick a horse and run with it."  Once we have picked the horse, it's time to run.  We can change course, or get a new horse down the road if need be, but at least give your full energy to the horse you are currently on.  Failing to do so will lead to problems.  

In counseling, you would probably not get many returning clients if they found you were focused on something other than the client during the session.  The same focus and attention can be used when engaging new ventures.  Sometimes, it's better to be a master of one trade, than a jack of all. 

Only a few things really matter in life.

At the end of our journey, what do we want people to say about us?  It's a question we tend not to think about (because mortality is a scary topic), but it's worth asking.  What are those few things you would like people to remember about you.  For me, it will have nothing to do with how great my scores were on my job review each year, or how much my boss liked me, or how much time I spent at work.  Actually, I hope nothing about work would enter into the things people remember about me other than I tried to help others become happier and more successful.  Other than that, work is simply not one of the few things that really matter in life to me.  Material goods and the desperate need to fit in and be accepted? Nope.  For me, the only things that really matter to me aren't things at all.  It is my family and closest network of friends.  The relationships with the small few in my inner circle are the few things that matter.

What matters to you?  Once you figure out what really matters in life (just those few things), you can chart a course to enjoy what matters most.  There is no judgment here.  If yachts and Ferrari's are your thing, wonderful.  If living in a cabin off the grid is your passion, great.  Figure out what matters most, and then build a lifestyle around those things.