Breakthrough Update

I recently received an update from Breakthrough reporting some exciting changes.  Due to the recent merger with MDLive, some new opportunities will be available starting in 2015.  Here's the main takeaways:

  1.  Breakthrough is beginning to contract directly with insurance companies.  For example, if you are a Texas provider, Breakthrough already has a contract with Aetna that allows them to conduct the benefits and eligibility lookup and they will file the claim for you.
  2. After doing one additional credentialing step, providers will now be able to join large contracted employer groups to receive referrals.  You will receive a flat rate of $60 per session.
  3. Breakthrough reports they will be adding additional contracts with organizations and insurance companies, which could translate into more business for providers.

Technology continues to change the way all businesses are being run.  It seems that online counseling will continue to be a growing market in the 21st century.  There are people that believe this is bad for our field, but I think we either adapt and change with our technological culture, or become obsolete.