Choosing an LPC Supervisor

A follow up to "Finding an LPC Supervisor"

When choosing your LPC Supervisor, prepare some interview questions before meeting with him/her.  These questions should be specific to your goals and needs as an intern.  Here are some example questions to consider: 

Logistics Questions: 

"When are you available to meet for supervision appointments?" 

"How many other interns do you currently supervise?"

"What is the maximum amount of interns you work with at any point in time?" (you want to make sure you are given the time needed and not just lumped in with a bunch of other interns.) 

"Would we have a set time to meet each week, or will it vary week to week?" 

"Are your supervision sessions conducted individually, in group, or a combination of both?"

Process Questions: 

"What is the typical format or structure for your supervision sessions?" (try to get a feel for how they approach supervision and working with their interns.) 

"What are your expectations and/or requirements from your interns?" 

"What should I expect to gain from your supervision?"

"What is your counseling style and orientation?" 

"What is your specialty?" 

Money Questions: 

"What does supervision cost?" (Be aware that this differs based on the supervisor.  Know your budget and what you can afford.) 

"Are there opportunities for me to make money as one of your interns?" (many times, supervisors can provide opportunities to work to offset the cost of supervision.  You could even make money when working with the right supervisor.) 

This is absolutely not an exhaustive list of questions.  Just a list to get you started.