Do You Need a Certification to Practice Online Therapy?

The short answer: NO

The other short answer: check with your licensing board to confirm your ethical obligations and license requirements to practice online.

Regarding any certification program, make sure it will provide you with a benefit before purchasing.  Typically, "certification" programs can cost quite a bit of money, and are sold as a way to market yourself.  Truth is, your client likely doesn't know (and doesn't care) what LPC stands for, much less any other certification you hold.  What does your client care about: if you can help them overcome the problems they are currently dealing with.

Training and experience are what matters.  My recommendation is only get a certification if it is required to conduct your business, or if you just feel it's important to you.  Also, confirm the certification is from a reputable source before moving forward with your purchase.

I learned this lesson the hard way...
Early in my career, I purchased an "anger management" certification course.  During the process, I watched some videos, read a book, and answered some simple test questions.  At the end of the process, I received a certificate.  I thought this would open some doors for referrals, but no one cared about the certification, because it doesn't mean anything to the general public (AKA your clients).  I did learn some valuable information in the process, but wasted money and time getting a certification that holds no value.  

What are your thoughts?  Have you earned a certification that has paid dividends in your practice?