Update Regarding Breakthrough

Breakthrough has recently switched to another platform, causing all providers to make the switch as well.  Here's what the email I received about the switch stated:

As the leaders in our industry Breakthrough is committed to providing you with best in class products and services. That’s why we’re excited for the release of our new video platform, VSee. VSee provides a more streamlined and improved user experience, and we’re happy to bring our providers and clients an innovative and trusted video solution for your Breakthrough sessions.

New features
There are a few major differences between VSee and our current video platform, Adobe, you’ll notice right away:

1. One of the best benefits of VSee is that it uses low bandwidth (30-50% less than most video calling solutions!) so you conserve data usage.
2. VSee delivers superior HD video quality, even in low bandwidth networks.
3. VSee keeps the session window on top of other open applications so you can always see yourself and your patient during a session.
4. With VSee you can resize the session window and move your client’s session window closer to the video camera so it appears like you are looking directly at your client.

Best security as always
VSee offers a secure level of end-to-end (from the moment it leaves your computer all the way to its final destination, the receiving person) encryption that eliminates the possibility of anyone eavesdropping in and is HIPAA compliant.

Ready to get started?
VSee requires downloading and is easy and fast. VSee is compatible with Windows and Mac systems and works with any of the browser you use.

If you want more info on VSee, go here:

I am actually very excited about this change in platforms.  Though I haven't conducted an actual session using Breakthrough, my initial "practice" session was somewhat frustrating because of the visual issues.  Now that Breakthrough is using VSee, those problems should no longer exist.  The biggest issue was eye contact with clients.  Now that you can move the picture of the client to the top of your screen (where the camera on your computer is), you can now look at them while talking instead of staring at the camera.