Using Technology to Advertise

Can you hear me now??

Can you hear me now??

In counseling, just like any other business, advertising is key to growing your business.  What's the best way to facilitate growth and income?  Let's start with building a website...

In our current culture, a website is simply required.  It's your way to introduce yourself and your business to potential clients.  The good news is this can be a very affordable and easy process.  For example, this website is all done through Squarespace.  Costs me about $100 per year, and very simple to use.  There are a ton of website development options out there: 

Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, etc.

What I would not recommend doing is hiring someone to create your website, at least when you first get started.  It will cost you A LOT, and you won't feel like you have control over the content.  The sites mentioned above will allow you to create a highly customizable website, and you have complete control.

A website becomes your "home base" for all other marketing.  Start there.  I will follow up with more posts on marketing strategies that may help you grow your business.