Finding an LPC Supervisor

Like most states, in Texas there are a lot of options.  Knowing how to select the best LPC Supervisor is a very important step in your new career as a professional counselor.  General concepts to remember:

  1. You are interviewing them.  Remember, this is their job interview, NOT YOURS!  You will be paying them to provide you a service.  In essence, they are working for you.
  2. Think about the area of expertise you want to learn more about and develop a niche in the counseling market.  Find a successful supervisor that is working in your desired niche that can teach you more about your particular area of focus.  The word "successful" is key.  Give your money and time to someone that can not only teach you about counseling, but help propel your career once you are fully licensed.
  3. Find an LPC Supervisor that is "plugged in" to the community.  Your supervisor can help pave the way for you to find a job, make contacts, or build referrals once you are fully licensed.
  4. Most importantly, make sure you like and respect your supervisor.  You will be spending a lot of time with him/her for approximately 2-3 years.  I don't know about you, but I would never want to give that kind of time (and money) to someone I don't enjoy being around.

Again, since you are interviewing the potential supervisor candidate, be prepared with questions to ask.  If the supervisor appears cocky or pretentious, kick them to the curb.  You don't want a "know-it-all" do you?  Find someone that wants to foster your growth as a counselor.  Find someone that wants to help you reach your potential and truly cares about your success.  You will be paying this person a lot of money during your supervision, so make sure you get the most from it.