Define Your Goals- Create a Vision Map

As a new year roles out, it's always a great time to think about the future and what you want to accomplish over the next year.

When thinking about your future, it's crucial to have a vision of where you are going.  Having a clear picture of your path will help you remain focused and driven.  One technique I find to be beneficial is using a Vision Map.

Essentially, a vision map is a pictorial display of the lifestyle you want.  Rather than writing words, you find pictures that illustrate your goals and aspirations.  It might be a picture of your family, a beach house, a stack of money, a symbol for peace, or whatever.  The purpose is to identify 5-6 of the most important things you want to obtain.  Once it's complete, put it somewhere that you will see it at least once per day.  This is your daily visual cue of where you are going.  Avoid getting "stuck" by keeping your goals and vision for the future in the forefront of your mind.