Welcome to Virtual LPC!

Glad you found the site, and I hope you find the information valuable.  Please check back often, as I will be updating frequently with posts and information on ways to develop a counseling practice that does not require an office.

See the picture above?  That was the beginning of this website and I didn't even know it yet.  As I sat on a Caribbean beach relaxing, thinking about how much I enjoyed the moment, I began to ask myself why I don't have this experience more often?  Why do I feel stuck in this life of work, work, work?  Why do I only get a short amount of time off each year?

There has to be a better way.  This site has one goal: help counselors and other mental health professionals design a lifestyle that encourages experiencing life, while still providing counseling services to others.  Please send me a quick note if you feel the same way.  If you are tired of the 8 to 5, and looking to enhance your life while still helping others, let me hear from you.

If you know of any resources out there, send them my way so I can post them on this site.  I truly hope we all can find a way to utilize technology to offer the highest quality services while living where (and how) we choose.