Developing a Counseling Website

The idea of developing and maintaining your own website can be scary- even overwhelming!  Many of us are not technology natives and become fearful of pursuing new business strategies such as website development.  Trust me, you can do it.  If I can, anyone can.

Thanks to very smart "tech" guys, we can create our own websites for FREE or very low cost.  There are multiple sites that offer users the ability to create a website using "drag and drop" technology.  NO CODING REQUIRED.  It's very simple, easy, and efficient.  Two sites that seem to get good reviews and offer FREE plans to start are Weebly and Wix.  Both of these sites are great, and give you a chance to try out your ideas and learn about website development.  Again, it's free to try so why not?

This entire site is built using Squarespace.  I like their web development software for a number of reasons, but there is no free plan.  It costs me less than $100 per year to operate this site.  Yep, for about $8 per month I have a kick ass site that is simple enough for even me to use!  Not only is it cheap, but I also get a free domain with this purchase, and all the hosting costs are taken care of.  If you want to build your own site, you can have a truly customizable site, but it's going to cost you...

To have a web designer build you a site, you will probably pay $3000-$4000 just for the design and deployment of the site.  Plus, you will need them to make any changes/modifications, causing you to pay more $$$ each time you ask them to fix or change something.  On top of the initial cost, you still have to pay for the domain name each year (around $10 per year) and hosting (around $15 per month).  These fees alone are more expensive than what you pay on the above mentioned sites.

If you require a lot of technical expertise, or need a site to offer certain features that are uncommon, then you will probably need to hire a website developer.  For example, my other site (The Counselor Coach), required me to hire a web developer because it involves the purchase of online Ebooks and earning CEU credits.  The specific nature of the site requires additional upkeep.  Again, unless you are wanting to design a very specific site, a website builder might be the way to go.  Don't lose a bunch of money developing a site when you CAN do it yourself.

Finally, when you use a web development site, you have complete control over the content.  If you hire a web designer, you can get stuck waiting on them to make changes.  Personally, I prefer to have the control to make changes myself.  

If you have any questions, or would like further information, check out one of the sites mentioned above.  I think you will find it much easier than you imagine.  You can also message me, and I am happy to help.