Exploring Ways to Embrace Freedom Through Technology and Entrepreneurial Skills in Counseling.


The world continues to evolve and become more "connected".  Through technological advances, we are now offered many more opportunities to design the lifestyle we have always dreamed of!  If you don't want to sit in an office, then this is the site for you.  If you don't want to feel trapped in your job, then you are in the right place.  If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, welcome friend.

Virtual LPC is a resource for counselors and other mental health professionals looking to work remotely, expand a business, and leave the 8 to 5 office lifestyle behind them.  Some of the questions you may be asking are:

  • Why am I sitting in an office all day?
  • Why am I bound to only helping people that live within driving distance of my office?
  • Why am I paying such high overhead expenses?
  • Why can't I sit on a beach chair and help someone?
  • Why can't I make more money and still provide a service that helps others?


The fact is we have the capacity to help people become better from any location, and in many different ways.  This site will explore those opportunities, and ways to grow your business utilizing technology and other entrepreneur resources. 



Find out about our mission, and join us in breaking free of the 8 to 5 lifestyle.

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